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Culture and environment: these are the priorities

Culture and environment: these are the priorities

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Impossible not to give space to the results of Primaries of culture launched online on January 7th come on young people of the FAI. One because the consultation, designed to give voice to cultural priorities to be proposed to candidates in the next political elections, has collected over 100 thousand votes. Two because now we are interested in whether after the elections the promises will be kept. Meanwhile, we note that the initiative was appreciated and lived with interest and a participatory spirit.

Among the 15 themes proposed with the Primaries of culture, there are 5 that have concentrated preferences in a particular way. They concern in order: ifunds to be allocated to culture, thesoil protection, theterritorial security, the promotion of agriculture, theright to study. Here is how the topics in the online questionnaire were explained and the percentage of votes collected by each.

  1. No less: a minimum of 1% of public money for culture (17,5%).
  2. Whoever touches the ground dies: stop the consumption of landscape (14,9%).
  3. I do not fail: certain plans for the security of the territory (9.5%).
  4. Agri-culture: more work and well-being at zero km (8,8%).
  5. Right to study, duty to finance it (7,8%).

A great novelty emerges from this Top five: the sensitivity of Italians has changed, it is now clear that the landscape, theterritory isthe environment I'mkey elements of our culture and our history, which must be valued and defended through policies for one Sustainable Development.

Interest is also high for the other topics, in particular: "Less Italialand, more Italy: integrated policies for tourism", "I have been starting again for three (hours): more history of art at school", "I remember, yes, I remember: let's save libraries", who each totaled 6% of the preferences e "I center: defending the historic centers" with 5.5% of the vote.

The topics that occupy the last places in the final ranking are less urgent for the Italians: "More start-ups for everyone: real benefits for young people" (4%), “Restoration, stay with us: protect quality craftsmanship " (4%), “Just read tip, three-year plans for cultural resources " (3,6%), "No profit, no taxes: incentives for those who work in cultural heritage" (2,8%), "Law for the Third Sector operating in cultural heritage" (2,2%), "MIBAC 2.0 project" (1,4%).

Support for Primaries of culture it has come from many fronts, from journalists and intellectuals to show business personalities, from art experts to bloggers, to ordinary citizens who are committed to spreading the primaries on social networks. More, in such a short time, really could not. Culture is important to Italians, now let's see.

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