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Coop, partner of Expo Milano 2015

Coop, partner of Expo Milano 2015

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IS' Coop the "Food Distribution Partner" of Expo Milan 2015. Together with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there Coop, the first Italian chain of large retailers, will play a crucial role in one of the most innovative areas of Expo 2015. What better partner than Coope to co-design the Future Food District? This is the supermarket of the future!

How do you imagine the supermarket of the future?
Cutting-edge technologies that make the shopping experience more hi-tech and personalized. Portals, video projections, systems that allow you to trace the origin of each product, touch screens and, of course, flexible and alternative payments. As Food Distribution Partner, the Coop will promote initiatives such as tastings, advice and training, why? Support and disseminate healthy eating habits, raise public awareness and educate the consumer to make responsible purchases.

The partnership has a value of about 13 million euros and also signs another important commitment: the sale of the first million entrance tickets to Expo Milano 2015: Coop will distribute around one million admission tickets to Expo Milano 2015 through the network of physical sales points and websites and mobile sites, combining them with products or services.

The supermarket of the future of the Universal Exposition will become a model of sustainability social and environmental to be replicated in other contexts: the goal, hitherto utopian, is to achieveenergy self-sufficiency. Among the novelties seen at Future Food District figure a green trolley, made with recycled and recyclable materials which, may be subject to tagging and relative traceability, and may provide for specific marketing / promotion activities according to the areas visited.

Video: Futurestore di Coop a Expo Milano 2015 (July 2022).


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