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Thermal renewables: ready for click-day?

Thermal renewables: ready for click-day?

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Who needs or wants to replace the old boiler, change it electric water heater or install thermal solar panels, can take advantage of incentives on thermal renewables. To obtain the benefits, however, you must not let the click-day, that is the day on which the applications can be sent electronically.

The date has not yet been set, but considering that the decree was published in the Official Journal in early January, and that the Electric Service Manager GSE has 60 days to prepare the application form on its website, the click-day it should be by February.

Being timely will be essential because incentives for thermal renewables they are not unlimited. The Ministry has made available 900 million euros, 700 for private individuals and 200 for public administration projects, available until exhaustion. Which means that the first to arrive, the better the lodging. The incentive consists in reimbursement of 40% of expenses incurred, over a period of time ranging from two to five years depending on the power obtained.

The interventions encouraged are those that improve the energy efficiency of heating systems and lower the consumption of homes thanks to renewable energies. For private homes it means above all the replacement of small domestic installations, such as old boilers, with implants a aerothermal, geothermal heat pump or hydrothermal.

Also there replacing the water heater is incentivized, as long as you switch to a plant a heat pump. The installation of thermal solar panels for domestic hot water. In the case of greenhouses, the replacement of old plants with new ones is encouraged a biomass.

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