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Renewable energy in Italy

Renewable energy in Italy

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Terna, the first operator of networks for the transmission of electricity in Europe, has made public the first results regarding production solar power in Italy. It seems that in 2012 the production of solar power has satisfied 5.6 per cent of the country's electricity needs. In relative terms, this factor makes Italy the best country industrialized of the world, when it comes to solar power! Italy also surpasses Germany with its 4.8 percent.

L'solar power in Italy, it reached a total production of 18.3 TWh, with an increase of 72 per cent compared to 2011. Although official data have not yet been released, according to preliminary figures, in 2012, Italy saw a boom of photovoltaic production (+ 71.8%) and wind power (+ 34.2%), at the expense of thermoelectric power (-6.3%).

The total ofrequired energy in Italy in 2012 it amounted to 325.3 billion kilowatt hours. According to initial estimates, 86.8% of electricity demand was met in 2012 with national production (of which 62.2% thermoelectric, 13.3% hydroelectric, 1.6% geothermal, 4.0% wind and 5.6% photovoltaic) and for the remaining amount (13.2%) from the balance of energy exchanged with abroad.

The photovoltaic capacity installed in Italy has increased by 17 GW and is spread over approximately 470,000 plants. This bodes well, thanks to the already installed capacity, it is expected that the supply of electricity from photovoltaic will reach 6-7 percent already in 2013. The development of photovoltaic sector in Italy it is still growing rapidly, thanks to the incentives of Energy bill but also the tariffs and the increasingly visible grid parity. The data are also encouraging with regard to the wind sector but not for thegeothermal energy where there is a significant decrease.

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