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Energy from the vineyards

Energy from the vineyards

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Nothing is thrown away from the pig and not even grapes. From the vineyard to the glass, everything is recycled and everything is reused. It is a time of care for the environment, after years of easygoing, but also of saving and spending review. And if necessity sharpens your wits, this crisis has at least one good side and it is called innovation. An example of green innovation? Let's go back to grapes and vineyards ...

To start a 2013 in the name of green, the winery Torraccia del Piantavigna and the Francoli Distilleries, both in the province of Novara, have cut the ribbon of a mini-power plant that will produce energy by burning the pruning wood of the vineyards and part of the marc, but also cut grass and vegetable waste from the maintenance of urban greenery, in addition to the classic wood chips wooden.

The operation of the plant, which has also been made available to other wineries and municipal administrations in the area (the remuneration of the material delivered is envisaged), is based on a oven designed to burn vegetable waste by heating the water contained in a boiler. The steam generated activates a turbine that produces electricity through movement. The hot water of the process will also be the hot cooling water and this too will be recovered for heating greenhouses and fish farms.

Result? The project foresees that when fully operational the plant will produce 1 Mw / h of electricity, much more than the company needs. Therefore, part of the energy can be returned to the territory. In addition, the ashes resulting from the combustion of the plant material will go to a fertilizer company that will make it into natural compost. The fumes generated by the power plant will instead flow into greenhouses for the production of vegetables a carbonic fertilization, which consists of the creation of an atmosphere rich in CO₂, which forces plants to do more chlorophyll photosynthesis.

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