The environmental balance of 2012

The environmental balance of 2012

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2012 was a key year for i climate changes, just think that during this year the highest level of carbon dioxide emissions. 2012 was the ninth hottest year in history and in addition there have been numerous disasters and natural disasters.

Among the good news we see the inclusion of air traffic in the program of emissions trading of the United Nations. Thus the EU has started a battle with the airlines that are in the budget of EU harmful emissions: every flight to and from a Member State is responsible for the gas greenhouse issued in the atmosphere.

A second triumph is for the made in Italy with a technology that manages to burn the methane taking advantage of the low temperatures. The discovery makes it possible to release less nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, nitrogen oxides are powerful greenhouse gases. All the insights are available on this page.

It was the year of natural disasters but the worst news comes from NASA which recorded an increase in speed in melting of glaciers (the report is available at this address) of both poles. It was the year that the World Bank shed light on the situation of the globe in response to the climate changes:

no nation is safe and we must prepare for extreme heat waves that are extremely dangerous to sea levels. The report highlights that theclimate it affects all human activities, none excluded. Further information is available at this link.

Because of economic crisis, 2012 was the year of cuts. The crisis has limited the harmful emissions but the contribution (in greenhouse gases) of emerging countries he made himself heard, so this year a new one was established emissions record. Estimates may underestimate the problem as some countries do not guarantee maximum transparency. Not only Asian countries, ours too Italy it is not in line with harmful emissions. In terms of size, the European Commission has highlighted dramatic data with 21,000 workers made redundant, a glimmer of light comes from green economy but there is still a long way to go.

In 2012, various points of electric bike sharing but the real boom should occur in 2013. We hope to be able to give you better estimates at the end of next year!

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