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Saving energy in the office

Saving energy in the office

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We have seen how to furnish an office paying attention to the good ones environmental practices. Today we see some strategies to make our office more efficient from a point of view energetic. Cut the energy waste is equivalent to protecting the environment e save money: each watt of electricity saved, it turns into a handful of extra cents that we will find in our wallets at the end of the month.

As the new year approaches, everyone is fine-tuning the famous list of good intentions. Others are taking stock of the year-end budget, given a look at the releases for the bills of your office. What would you say to reduce economic losses with a good energy strategy? To begin with, when you equip yours office with electrical equipment, choose the machines ad high energy efficiency and follow our suggestions:

Copy machine. I bet it's always on! Remember to put it on standby whenever it is not used. Also tell your employees to do it. If you put the copier on standby during the night, you will save a lot of electricity, so to speak, with the equivalent of the saved energy you will be able to prepare 30 cups of tea!

The lights. Turn off all lights before leaving the office. By turning off every light, within a year you will have saved enough energy to heat a home for about five months.

The computers. If you leave computers on overnight, yours electricity bill it will make you suffer! During a year, the nocturnal activity of computers in a medium-sized office produces a lot CO2 as much as that issued by a bus.

THE desktop computer can be replaced with gods notebook. Laptops consume 85% less energy than a desktop computer. A savings to consider!

Heating. Avoid placing furniture or other bulky accessories (wardrobes, armchairs ...) near radiators or other heating systems. These objects will eventually absorb the heat, taking it away from the atmosphere of theoffice. In addition, buy a thermostat and lower the office temperature by 2 degrees.

LED. The light bulbs high energy efficiency they last 10 times longer than conventional bulbs. During its life cycle, an energy efficient light bulb will enable a savings around 70 euros.

Video: Energy 101: Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings (July 2022).


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