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Children Park, education at Expo 2015

Children Park, education at Expo 2015

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On the site of Expo Milan 2015 there will be a place of play and knowledge that will offer relaxation and fun to all those who visit theUniversal Exposition of Milan. It will be called Children Park and will be inspired by the educational strategy that has made Reggio Emilia famous throughout the world. Children Park it will feature play paths that will teach children about correct lifestyles, good environmental practices and healthier eating habits.

Not everyone knows that Reggio Emilia it played a key role in world education systems. The "Reggio Emilia Approach”Is a method appreciated and applied in many parts of the globe, from China to the United States, as well Expo 2015 S.p.A. has decided to exploit our local excellence in the pedagogical field and has signed a collaboration with the Education Schools and Nurseries of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

There is talk of educational approaches of excellence, high pedagogical-educational systems, communication and skills acquired in design. Reggio Emilia sector experience will be alongside Expo Milan 2015 during events, demonstrations and international meetings related to the family and the education of children.

In addition, the Reggio Emilia Schools and Nursery Schools Institution will be able to count on the support of a worldwide network of experts and researchers: the public expects great things from this collaboration and not a trivial educational itinerary, certainly important but already seen too many times. Here is what we read in a press release issued by Expo 2015:

"Thanks to the discoveries and adventures they will experience within the Children Park, the new generations will become more aware of the great challenges related to nutrition and the availability of resources with which humanity is called to confront. "

Children will be treated as special visitors and will have the opportunity to actively participate in the hottest issues of today. Children will travel a dimension playful-didactic composed by 10 exhibits linked by a common thread: food. Among the most brilliant ideas ofexhibit There is the Labifrutti, a labyrinth where in order to orient oneself it is necessary to know and recognize fruits and flavors.

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