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Pedal Christmas trees

Pedal Christmas trees

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Traditionally, red is the color of Christmas but for this year some Italian cities have made it a little green. This is the case of Parma and Palermo, two cities so far from each other but so close to green philosophy. In the squares of these cities two trees have been installed that they use clean energy to light up for the party. In particular it is about solar power is.. electricity produced by the pedals.

The first step towards sustainability was to face the Christmas abandoning the classic lights and embracing LED lighting a low energy consumption. There are those who wanted to do more and adopt theenergy efficiency as the most important motto of Christmas. Let's start with the city of Parma, where Saturday 8 December was "illuminated"A tree at 100% eco friendly. The tree was made with recycled materials such as recycled polystyrene, wood waste, FSC certified wood and natural paints.

The Tree can show off a LED lighting system powered by solar panels and from the energy produced by the motion of the pedals of some bicycles. For its inauguration, the Mayor of Parma Federico Pizzarotti invited some citizens to produce the energy necessary to meet the energy needs of the Tree. There are five bicycles, three for children and two for adults. Those who want to make their energy contribution just have to go to Piazza Garibaldi and ride!

On the Facebook page of the mayor of Parma we read: "I want to clarify that the choice fell on this tree for its high symbolic value. We will not cut trees, beware of renewable energies and on participation. Ride with us. " The tree eco friendly it cost the Administration about 10,000 euros.

For this reason there was no lack of criticism, also because in Piazza Garibaldi a traditional tree could be raised as a gift to the city. The Mayor defends himself from criticism using Facebook, where he reports: "For the evil ones: the real tree would not have been free. The gift was from the tree. Transport, assembly and decoration would have cost a figure comparable to the cost incurred for this year's tree. With much less symbolic value ”. So it turns out that for the same price, administrations prefer to invest in sustainability!

From Parma we move to Southern Italy, in Piazza Castelnuovo in Palermo, here a tree more than 20 meters high is illuminated thanks to a LED plant energy efficient. Lighting satisfies his energy hunger thanks to a series of 10 bicycles connected to a dynamo.

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