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Samsung's thrifty refrigerators

Samsung's thrifty refrigerators

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The domestic consumption of electricity it is a non-negligible item of expenditure in the family budget, and it also has an impact on it CO emissions that pollute the planet. So here are household appliances that are increasingly cost-effective, now recognizable thanks to the energy classification required by law. But the race to save does not stop because manufacturers have understood that users have become sensitive to the green theme, as well as to the economic one, which increasingly drives purchases.

To consume less energy (and pollute less) the new ones refrigerators Samsung are equipped with the innovative compressor Digital Inverter, which allows you to modulate the power delivered according to actual needs, ensuring a energy saving 20% compared to a traditional compressor. The best cooling performance is also combined with the extreme silence given by the special sound-absorbing coating.

Technology No Frost Premium on the other hand, it guarantees better food preservation due to the combined action of a system of internal and external sensors and the exclusive Multi Flow airflow separate management system present on each shelf. This allows you to no longer have to worry about it defrosting of the refrigerator: in fact, the Samsung No Frost Premium system eliminates excess moisture before it can turn into ice. In addition, the CoolSelect Zone compartment allows you to choose the most suitable storage temperature for each type of food.

The first also comes from Samsung double door refrigerator with large capacity class A ++. Designed to offer over 500 liters of capacity, this model is suitable for large families and for those who want to better preserve large quantities of food. The ceiling LED light ensures maximum internal visibility with less heating, while it is possible to always have fresh drinks thanks to the dispenser. Aesthetics? Always refined, according to the Samsung style, in brushed stainless steel.

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